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Mr Lyall Cairns, Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership


Mr Matt Hosey, Poole Borough Council

Mr Neil Watson, Environment Agency

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Dr Samantha Cope, Havant Borough Council

Strategies & Plans

Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs)

South East of England Strategy Studies

Medium Term Plan (MTP)

Programme of flood and coastal erosion risk management projects

A list of projects can be found at the GOV.UK website:

Programme of flood and coastal erosion risk management schemes (updated 2 December 2014)

The investment programme was published alongside a new long term study from the Environment Agency, which shows that the planned investment will reduce overall flood and coastal erosion risk in England.

Programme information has been collected from data provided by the Environment Agency, local authorities and internal drainage boards, all of who have responsibilities for flood and coastal risk management in England.

To see the national picture, visit the interactive Google map at

Medium Term Plan (MTP)