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Mr Lyall Cairns, Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership


Mr Matt Hosey, Poole Borough Council

Mr Neil Watson, Environment Agency

Research Chair

Dr Samantha Cope, Havant Borough Council

About SCG


Chairman: Mr Lyall Cairns

East Solent Coastal Partnership

02392 446 013

Research Chair: Dr Samantha Cope

Havant Borough Council Coastal Team

02392 446 381

The Southern Coastal Group (SCG) is one of seven Coastal Groups of England.

Established in September 2008, the SCG is a technical group principally comprising coastal managers, planners and others with a knowledge of shoreline management, who operate in a strategic framework.

Our key policy aims:

The geographical area covered by the SCG comprises the coastline between County Rock, Lyme Regis and Selsey Bill in West Sussex, together with the whole of the coastline of the Isle of Wight (comprising Coastal Sediment Cell 5).

We support the delivery of plans, studies and schemes by providing co-ordination, facilitating communication and offering advice and guidance to our member organisations.

There are four key areas to our work:

The coastal group is chaired by Mr Neil Watson of the Environment Agency. Vice-chair is Mr Lyall Cairns of Havant Borough Council. Dr Samantha Cope is chair of SCOPAC research.

Group Objectives are identified in the Constitution, and the Business Plan sets out how those objectives will be delivered. The Action Plan allows progress to be monitored against each objective.

The Constitution (pdf, 65kb)

The Business Plan (pdf, 75kb)

The Action Plan (pdf, 65kb)

About the Southern Coastal Group